Oct 2, 2003
Quite days...

Well nothing has been going these past few days, it has been rather quite here. Anthy has been making us some wonderful tea and cookies to have as our afternoon snack, until ChuChu comes along and eats them all up! Also Anthy and I had to clean up the kitchen this afternoon, it was hard work but Anthy doesn't seem to mind cleaning up at all. In fact I think she enjoys cleaning, I mean she is always cleaning up our bedroom all the time. I have seen Touga in the past few days too. I wonder where he is at? Well I'm off to bed now.


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Oct 1, 2003
Basketball fun...

I played against the boys basketball team this afternoon and I won again. The boys basketball team leader keeps on bugging me to join their team but I simple tell them "I don't want to get cover in smelly boy sweat!" he simply says I dress like a guy and that it shouldn't matter, but he just doesn't understand the reason why I dress like this is because I want to be a prince someday. Anthy made us a wonderful dinner tonight, it was a yummy noodle dish with stuffed squid. It's a good thing I was hungry because ChuChu wanted to eat the whole meal himself! I didn't have that much homework tonight so I can watch some tv, reading, and watch Anthy play cards with ChuChu. The weather here is still cool, so the we will need to keep the extra blankets. Oh well it's getting late and classes start early in the morning. Good night!


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Sep 29, 2003
Cold weather and other things...

After I finally got some meds for my itching and got to sleep, I woke up to a cold morning. The weather here has gotten cold now, it's usually not this soon but I guess the weather is just being strange as always. Lucky for us Anthy got out some extra blankets to put on our beds for tonight and a little portable heater for use when we are sitting on the floor doing our homework. Well I'm glad it has gotten cooler because I love the fall season here, the leaves turn into so many colors. I still have a ton of homework to get done tonight. I'm basketball game tomorrow, I'm playing against the boys team again. The game we played last week was delayed due to the rain but I still beat them the next day. Anyways I'm off to go finish my homework so I can get some sleep tonight.


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It itches!!

What did Anthy put in that curry? I am itching so bad right now that I can't get any sleep! Stop looking at me like that ChuChu! I can't help it! I better go look around for some meds that will stop this itching so that I can at least get alittle bit of sleep before classes.


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Sep 28, 2003
Rainy afternoon...

I wish the weather would make up it's mind today, it has been downpouring off and on through out the day.  I finally met Anthy's big brother today his name is Akio Ohtori, it turns out that he is going to marry the chairman's daughter her name is Kanae Ohtori. So I guess Anthy is going to get a big sister too. I bet it is nice to a brother, I wouldn't know because I was an only child. I had a good time there though, we all had tea and cookies and chatted for along time about stuff around the school. Akio has this huge star observatory. Oops dinner is done now.


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Class Party...

Well classes were boring as usual yesterday, but my math class did have a class party though and that was fun. They had such wonderful food there too! I even got to bring home a few slices of cake for Anthy, ChuChu, and I. Anyone could come to our party, I asked Anthy but she had plans already for that evening. I find it so strange that Anthy always has somewhere she has to be at on Saturdays. O well I bought her back some cake if ChuChu doesn't eat it first. Anyways I asked Anthy where she was at and she told me that she had a big brother, can you believe that! I didn't know she even had any brothers or sisters, so I was very surprised by it. She said she would take to visit her big brother in the afternoon, I'm looking forward to it. Oh well I'm off to bed now.


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Sep 27, 2003
Yay for the weekend!

Yay! The weekend is here and that means my class party is this afternoon. I can't wait to go to it and see all of the cool snacks there have there. I wonder what Anthy will be doing this weekend? I don't know she always have somewhere she has to be on Saturdays. I finally got all of my homework done for this week, I can't teachers can give out so much. So far no one has challenged me to any duels, but that can all change within a matter of days, hours, and mintues. I'm having troubles sleeping so I'm sitting and watching some tv info commericals on Anthy's portable tv, ChuChu is here staring at for my eggroll. I don't see how Anthy can sit here and watch this junk late at nigt? I'm surprise she isn't here watching it with me right now, I guess she is all tired from the homework too.


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Hello everyone my name is Utena Tenjou and this lovely young girl besided me is Anthy Himemiya, we are engaged. It's a long story trust me, it involved me dueling some named Saionji Kyoichi and a magic sword called the sword of Dios. Well I couldn't stand it any longer when Saionji made of fun of my best friend Wakaba and then he kept on hitting Anthy and so I dueled him and won. Now Anthy and I live together in the same dorm room and we even have a little pet named ChuChu, who likes to eat everything in site. Hehe Oops well I got to go now, seems that's Anthy has the tea ready, talk to you all later!


PS: Here is a photo of Anthy and I.

Anthy and I

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Full Name: Utena Tenjou
Name Meaning: Heaven above calyx
Birthday: December 29
Age: 14
Grade: 8th
School: Ohtori Academy

I want to be a prince not a princess... Hi I'm Utena Tenjou a young girl who dreams of becoming a prince one day to save the fair princess in trouble. When I was very young I lost both of my parents and I wanted to join them. Until a prince dressed in all white with the scent of roses licked away my tears and told me not to lose my noble heart and then placed a rose encrested ring on my finger and told me this ring will lead me to you one day and with that he was gone. Now at the tender age of 14, I attend a famous school called Ohtori. I didn't want to be duelist it just happened thanks to my friend Wakaba, all I was doing was trying to defend her pride and end up winning Anthy Himemiya the rose bride. I don't want a bride I just want to be a normal girl, Anthy is strange but we do turn out to be best of friends. I swear I will help Anthy to become a normal girl!

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